Hi, I’m Whitney Kleiner holistic nurse & family nurse practitioner, and a mom or two. I am so thrilled you are here. I founded The Modern Practitioner with one main intention to provide people with root cause guidance and tools to achieve optimal health. My goal is to simplify the outside noise and help you heal. Through my own battle with autoimmunity, infertility, and anxiety I have had to become the detective and identify the problem or deficiencies. Once they are identified and corrected, the symptoms either become more easily managed or go away altogether.

It is true that wellness begins and ends at different times for each patient. My goal is to always strive to meet you where you are and join you on your quest to help you achieve your best health. To work with me please email themodernpractitioner@gmail.com.If you are not ready to work with someone yes, well I just encourage you to stick around for a weekly dose of health and wellness knowledge, simple self-care ideas, and an insight into my well-being journey.