4 Virtual Health Services That Will Make Life Easier

4 virtual health services that will make life easier

Due to COVID- 19 and quarantine we all have been staying home and only going out for the essentials. Even though we are locked down the truth is we still need medical support in other health fields like mental health, primary care and women health. Virtual health services aka Telehealth is an easy way to get regular care without leaving your home. Here are four virtual health services available to you right now.


Talkspace is an affordable online tool for people looking to connect with a licensed therapist.  To start you just answer a few questions about yourself and what type of therapy you are looking for. They have an algorithm that will match you with three potential therapists. If you are not up for the conventional face-to-face therapy Talkspace offers many different ways to talk to you therapist. Any time of the day your therapist will respond by text, audio, picture, and video message. This is a great option for the on- the go person who might not be comfortable sitting face to face with a therapist. Other pros include being able to switch therapists if you feel like you don’t mess with your current therapist. In addition, you are able to freeze your account for up to 30 days if you need to take a pause.

Primary Care

If you have a primary care doctor call and ask about their Telehealth policy. Due to COVID -19 many practices have implemented everyday telehealth options for patients. Primary care telehealth is a great option for people struggling with a minor problem who feel an in-person appointment would just take up valuable time away from work and family. Using a telehealth option allows for you to talk to a provider quickly and handle a simple sinus infection or cold in a timely manner. If you are looking for a virtual urgent care options visit PlushCareDoctor on Demand or MDLive, which give you virtual 24/7 access to a doctor.


This company is making it super easy to fill your birth control, get STI testing, genital and oral herpes treatment, emergency contraception, HIV prep and screening all at home. Nurx helps you get your choice of birth control medication or std testing kit, prescribed online and delivered right to your door. How it works: you’ll pay a $15 consultation fee and fill out short health history questionnaire. Once completed you will chat with licensed provider, who will evaluate your health history and come up with the best option for you. Pricing is dependent on your insurance, deductible, co-insurance, or copay associated with your insurance plan. And remember when a prescription is up for renewal all patients will need a new annual (yearly) consultation, which will included any related fees.

Pill Club

There is nothing better than not having to worry about getting a prescription at the pharmacy. Pill Club is making it super simple to get your birth control prescribed online & delivered to your door. A bonus is many people are able to get their birth control for $0 dollars with most insurance plans. If you need a new prescription you just answer some health questions and a provider will review your profile and prescribe the most appropriate option for you. If you already have a prescription you just transfer it to transfer their pharmacy, and your next prescription will be sent in your next care package from Pill Club ( includes: sweet treat, fun stickers or art print, and samples).

Please remember Positively Posie and the materials on here are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All material is provided is for educational purposes only. Please seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions.

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