How To Throw A Digital Gender Reveal Party

How To Throw A Digital Gender Reveal Party

The reality is most of us “expecting” mothers would love to have a some grand gender reveal party we’ve seen on Pinterest. But the truth is it can be hard to get people together these days and most families live apart. As a military wife (and in quarantine) I knew it was impossible to have all my friends and family with us for the reveal, so the next best thing was to create a virtual gender reveal party.

How To Throw A Digital Gender Reveal Party-

For this gender reveal I wanted it to be pretty traditional minus it being virtual, of course! With my first pregnancy I didn’t do anything special for the gender reveal since Kale was overseas. So this time around I wanted the gender to be revealed with good ole’ poppers and all my friends and family around.

How To Throw A Digital Gender Reveal Party


If you want to make the invitation part really easy for people just use Facebook invite. Most people today have Facebook so it makes it super easy and convenient for people. We personalized the invite with a banner, making sure to use the colors that would be used in my decorations. Head to to create something tailored to your color scheme.

How To Throw A Digital Gender Reveal Party-

Where To Host

We decide to use for the reveal party because it’s better for larger meetings and we knew we would have over 10 people attending the party. A couple other perks of is it allows for you record/save the entire party to watch later. You can also change the background of your computer to match your gender guess. Here is an article that tells you exactly how to do it. One pro tip is to have your friends & family pin the expecting mother’s video. This will make your (mom to be) video larger than the others, allowing people to see big reveal more clearly.

How To Throw A Digital Gender Reveal Party-

DNA testing

My last pregnancy I waited until I was 18 weeks pregnant to find out the gender. This time around I couldn’t wait that long, so I used to find out the gender early. SneakPeek is an at-home gender blood test that is clinically proven to be 99.1% accurate at 8 weeks into pregnancy. They send you a package with detailed instructions how to collect your DNA sample at home, then you mail it back to SneakPeek Labs in a pre-paid package. I will warn you even as a nurse who is an expert at collecting blood from patients– I struggled to collect the 10 drops of blood from my own finger. Our kitchen kind of looked like a crime scene, however getting the gender results early was worth the mess.

Party Decor

I partnered with to create a special and creative indoor backdrop for our reveal. I wanted something super easy to set up that would also be great for photos. I choose a large silver metallic fringe backdrop to help lighten/ brighten the room we would be in for the reveal. We then used two baby mylar balloon banners ( blue and pink) really get into the gender spirit. These balloons are really easy to blow up and hang, plus they popped against the silver backdrop. We then used a gender reveal Piñata to add a little flare to the party and to tie in with the fringe theme.

Now, because we’re forced to do a gender reveal inside we decided to use confetti poppers instead of confetti cannon. We did have both on hand but after testing out the poppers we felt they made a big enough statement on Zoom ( side note: I sent the email DNA results my one of my in state BFF’s, she then came over and gave us the correct poppers so everything was kept a secret). A gender reveal party isn’t complete without some pictures in team girl or boy pinhole glasses. Kale was adamant this baby was a girl, so He was ready with girl glasses in back pocket once we popped the poppers. You can watch the footage of the reveal on my IG highlights, but I wanted to do this detailed post for any one in need of some inspiration for their own gender reveal during quarantine.

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys like the simplicity of this gender reveal party and feel it is something you could do too. I felt like I was able to take a few fun products, get a little creative and make something really memorable. We are excited for #2 baby GIRL Kleiner who is set to arrive October 2020. So stay tuned for more motherhood related posts on the blog.

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