This Girl Life: The One Where We Go Guestless & Talk About Slowing Down

This Girl Life Podcast ep 44
This Girl Life Podcast Episode 44

It’s a solo episode this week as we go guestless on TGL! We are sharing about how to work smarter not harder and what slowing down will actually do for your life. If you are like us you know how invigorating and exciting it is to take on entrepreneurial endeavors. I feel like I am constantly trying to hustle and grow my spaces and career. But the “hustle” lifestyle can easily cause burn out and frustration. So we are chilling out this week and re-focusing on the how amazing slow down can be.

The truth is making your side hustle a successful is both physically and mentally exhausting. Often the end result is BURNOUT. Okay–what is the opposite of hustling it’s the mindset of “slowness.” Taking time to slow down can be the difference between success, failure or burning out.

What does Slowing Down Do For You

It helps you focus. When you’re constantly working, you’re not taking the time to evaluate what you’re doing and if you’re even doing the right thing. The faster we move the less we carefully we reflect on things. So slowing down will help you feel grounded and in control of stressful situations. 

You make better decisions. There is science behind this point that makes total sense. As humans we two thought systems. 1. The sympathetic nervous system which is fast, autonomic and is our survival instinct. 2. Parasympathetic is slower and way more logical which is there to help with rational thought.

It’s good for your health. The stress that comes with the list of items we all have to do each day can catch up to us. If the stress-response system is constantly activated the overexposure to cortisol and stress hormones can literally screw up your entire system. The hard hitting truth is this year I was told that if I want to have a baby I will have to learn to slow down and reduce my stress. Hi, Shit Meet Fan! I mean this was a big wake up call for me, my health depends on slowing down and letting go of stress.

It helps you face your own demons. We live in a time with the attitude of MORE and it needs to happen NOW. And it’s so easy to forget that we all have time to experience our emotions. While it’s not fun to always slow down and face our own crap there is something powerful about facing the demons instead of avoiding them. Slowing down allows us to feel, experience and describe emotions all with the hope of allowing them to guide us in a healthy way.

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  • Linda Wallace Tripp
    February 12, 2020 at 12:31 am

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