This Girl Life Podcast: Our Tips To Live Your Best Life in 2020

This Girl Life Podcast
This Girl Life Podcast #EP 37: Our Tips To Live Your Best Life In 2020-

On this episode of TGL Kristen and I wanted to share 4 tangible tips for living your best life in 2020. These four key points will help you execute your goals in the new year.

Okay we believe to live your best life you must:

  1. Understand yourself
  2. Find your tribe 
  3. Set good & reasonable boundaries 
  4. And be SMART with your goals.

understand yourself & personality

  • take the Ennegram or other personality tests
  • find out your Love Language and what it says about you & your needs
  • start communicating those needs to your spouse/friends/work

find your in person and online tribe

  • Take a look at everyone in your life. Who you follow on IG followers, best friends and work friends, even family members.
  • Evaluate if these relationship are toxic. Toxic relationships can have many faces. Does a particular relationship make you constantly compare? Does a particular relationship constantly distract you from your goals? Does a particular relationship constantly cause you stress, doubt or shame? These are all toxic relationships, now quitting these relationships is a choice and you can make that choice at any time.

set good and reasonable boundaries

  • It is never too late to learn about your boundaries. I truly believe that boundaries reflect how we love ourselves and what we value most deeply. In 2020 we encourage you to reclaim your energy & passion by creating healthy boundaries to help you establish your identity.
  • Areas to consider new boundaries in 2020: Your Time + Your Emotions + Your Energy + Your Personal Values or Other Areas of Importance to You
  • Remember that there is no need to over explain why you are setting boundaries. Everyone has the right to determine what they do and do not want to do in their life.

Be SMART with your goals

Specific– get specific with the goal, like the most specific you’ve every been in your life

Measurable– you need some way to measure this goal and your progress. 

Achievable– don’t set yourself up for failure by picking an unattainable goal

Realistic–  the goal should be set by you. Each step you create to get to the goal should make sense to you. 

Timeframe–  put a time frame on the goal that is realistic for you. Maybe you say, “in 6 months on gonna re-evaluate this goal”.

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What are your goals for 2020? Share in the comments!

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