Everything You Need to Know About The Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Over the years the shape of my nose is something that has secretly bothered me. I’ve never really shared my concern or the little I noticed over the years. But there was some thinning over my septum which had gotten worse over the last year. Plus, I always had a tiny little hump and a little downward turning on the tip of my nose– so your girl needed some help. I knew that Dr. Kay’s signature non-surgical rhinoplasty was the best option for me.

SO why was a non-surgical rhinoplasty the best option? Well, I was looking for something super subtle, that could be done in the office and only take 15-20 mins. Dr. Kay uses Restylane Lyft as her filler of choice to help sculpt and add volume. I like restylane lyft and knew the product would last me around 12 months. One last thing I am obsessed with Dr. Kay’s “Tinkerbell Lift Tip” which she did and you can see in the video. It’s a cute & feminine little lift that you can get without having surgery– there is nothing better.

Oh FYI: People will definitely ask this question, so before injecting my nose it was numbed with cream for about 45 mins. so I didn’t feel anything.

non-surgical rhinoplasty:

Have any of you had a liquid rhinoplasty or are you thinking about it? I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions- I would love to answer them.

Hope you’re all having a great week.

x Whitney

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    November 7, 2019 at 5:11 am

    Another interesting, informative article. Thanks Whitney.


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