Beat Acne With This At Home Acne-Ending Gadget

Beat Acne With This At Home Acne-Ending Gadget

Yup, it’s true, beat acne with this easy at-home gadget. I’ve shared on Instagram my love for my high-frequency machine but my love for this little machine has grown even more now that I’ve been experiencing acne. It’s one of the best under $30.00 investments I’ve ever made. This tool is super affordable and it will up your at-home skin game. I swear every time I use it I feel like I am some fancy esthetician cussing a cool futuristic skin tool.

The Benefits of a High Frequency Machine

  • This little gadget produces an electrical current that generates oxygen when applied to the skin. What happens is oxygen travels into the skin to kill off the acne-causing bacteria.
  • It also helps to reduce inflammation and redness within the blemish. I love using this on activity acne because shortens the lifespan of your acne.
  • It is also known to help prevent any future breakouts, which is huge for me right now.
  • Another huge plus is it helps reduce the post-inflammatory and some hyperpigmentation, which unfortunately is super common in women.
  • Let it also be known: a high-frequency machine can help soften fine lines, reduce some puffiness around the eyes even tighten & tone sagging skin. It’s a little miracle machine and I am here to say it actually works.

What To Expect & How To Use It

The high-frequency machine I have and love comes with 4 different glass electrodes of different shapes to apply to different parts of the body. These glass electrodes will either produce a violet color or orange. Typically, violet electrodes help to treat acne-prone skin and orange was used to treat aging skin. But, from everything, I found both colors produce equally effective results despite the color of gas in the wand.

  • Comb is for your hair, which I’ve never used
  • Large round one is for your whole face, which is my fave
  • Spoon shape is for under your eyes
  • Small round tip to target acne

It is safe to use everyday and when I am having a breakout I use it daily.

  • Wash your face & thoroughly dry your face
  • Pick your electrode of choice & insert it into the wand
  • Turn on the machine & turn the dial up so it is a slight tingle on the skin. Also test on the back of your hand before apply to your face.
  • Start moving the want in circular motions, you can work on areas for no more than 3-5 minutes.

My Thoughts: When you apply to the skin there is a slight tingle, and this amazing mild zapping or buzzing sensation, I can’t describe it but it’s such a satisfying feeling. Remember the high-frequency current is infusing oxygen molecules into the skin which stimulating blood flow and cleaning the skin. If you are having an acne breakout I suggest using the machine 5-10 mins a day to see some results. You will notice some redness post-treatment due to increased circulation and dilation of the vessels.

How Safe is High Frequency Treatment?

This machine is a really great at-home way to safely treat your acne-prone skin. However, if you are pregnant, using AHA or glycolic acid products, have a pacemaker, any broken capillaries, spider veins or rosacea PLEASE avoid using a high-frequency machine.

I suggest adding in this easy at-home tool to enhance your skincare routine. I promise every time you use it, it feels like you are getting a mini facial.

Let me know have you ever tried high-frequency? Tell me in the comments and don’t miss my youtube video and IGTV . I explain all of the benefits AND how to properly use your high-frequency machine.

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**Just a reminder you’ll never see me promote something I don’t believe in or use. And please remember The Modern Practitioner and the materials on here are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All material is provided is for educational purposes only. Please seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions.

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