This Girl Life Podcast- Episode #28 with Katie Dunlop The Founder of Love Sweat Fitness

Episode 28 is a good one, Kristen and I sat down with Katie Dunlop the founder of fitness community Love Sweat Fitness.

On this episode Katie shares about her personal fitness journey that lead her to create an incredible fitness community of strong and powerful women. Katie shares about blocking out the doubters and how she balances life and running a business. We also get into why it’s important to create free content if you want to succeed. Katie also gets candid about how changing your lifestyle can change friendships. And of course, we get into where start when using the Love Sweat Fitness app and WTF is functional fitness. Finally, we round out of episode with Katie play YAY and NAY with Whit & K; plus her best advice she has received from her best friend.

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