How Butt Masks Will Change Your Booty Forever

Butt Masking 101

A couple of weeks ago I took a poll on Instagram asking who had heard of butt masking. I was shocked at the results, like stunned, I even chatted about it on This Girl Life podcast episode #27. Over 75% of people had never heard nor considered trying a good butt mask. It became really clear that people are forgetting about one of the sexiest parts of our bodies.

Most of us have a good self-love routine like a good skincare routine for our faces. And we even take time to lather our bodies up with lotions + oils like we are little chickens ready for a good roasting. So why, are we forgetting to give some extra love and attention to the “arse”. When I started to think about it, I realized it is the part of our body we cover about 23 hours out of the day, so I guess it is easy to forget about.

Well, I take my butt care seriously (ha), but truly. Think about it, most of us work at a computer all day, keeping our butts smooched on a chair. This can cause pores to get blocked and hair follicles to get irritated, creating acne or buttne. And over time we can expect to see a loss of elasticity and sagging, so our tush needs care. Today, I thought I would share all the things you can do to show your derrière some love and looking good.


Buttne (butt acne) is way more common than people want to admit because the booty is regularly exposed to sweat, forming this perfect little environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. Just think about how many women wear yoga pants all day every day —point proven buttne forms. Plus, any type of friction, certain types of material and yearly temperature can all play a role in creating butt acne. The goal is to gentle exfoliation and keep the skin turning over. One way to reduce acne it is key to gently buff away dead skin cells 2-3 times a week ( i love this salux beauty cloth). Start looking for products with things like alpha-hydroxy acids or mild salicylic acid. Or a mask with sulfur or clay to absorb excess oil & buildup.


I am always looking to tone and firm my butt besides just having to do the basic squats and lunges ( yawn). Masks like Maelys Booty Mask are great for smoothing and firming up your booty and Khole Kardashian approved..– just saying. Ingredients like caffeine always are good to help firm & lift, but my favorite and secret weapon is Maelys. It has pink pepperslim which has 46% higher concentration of caffeine than caffeine extracts. 


Over time our skin does lose elasticity, it’s a part of life. My favorite test is the pinch test, go ahead and pinch a place on your face, neck, or back of your hand. See how quickly your skin recoils or bounces back to its original position… this is called elasticity. Elasticity ( comes from elastin) is what gives our skin stretch & snap back to its original shape. Masks like Bawdy Butt Masks can hydrate, plump by using toning & firming collagen. I’m currently loving the Anese Caffeinated Booty Oil, it makes my booty glisten and it’s a clean product.

I’m always keeping it real for you guys and butt masking had to be talked about on Positively Posie at some point. Share with me in the comments if you have tried butt masking and your favorite products.

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