Why I Made Drinking Celery Juice a Priority

Why I Made Drinking Celery Juice a Priority

Over the last year celery juice has become the “cool kid” in the world of juicing. If you follow my Instagram you know I am drinking celery juice almost daily on an empty stomach, over ice and out of a straw cause it taste better that way.

Many of us have never payed much attention to celery. I mean who does love it with almond butter or in a bloodmary!! But about a year ago I fell head over heels in love with it celery juice and now I consider celery juice my beauti-fuel!

Celery has so many benefits especially when it’s juiced, if you are not a huge fan of only celery juice, at least drinking some sort of green juice everyday is still so positive for your body. But I want to give you the scoop on the power of drinking celery juice SOLO, so let’s get into the nitty gritty of why you should be a fan of celery juice.

Disclaimer * If you are wanting to juice and not sure about it first consult with your practitioner.



Celery juice is most powerful when fresh and drank solo. If you are new to the juicing game and can’t stand the taste start out adding in a little lemon or ginger to help you get used to the taste. And then gradually ween that back out so you have only celery juice.

Starting out a great number to hit is 16 oz daily. Some people with chronic illness have been saying they drink up to 24-32 oz but I am not there quite yet.

Okay this varies because it depends on the type of celery you have, and remember to always buy organic. I notice a large bunch yields 16 oz of juice. 

I always drink it in the morning before I eat anything, but sometimes I wanna grab a juice while I’m out so I just wait 15-30 minutes before or after eating something.


I personally don’t pre-juice but if you need to because of a super busy AM schedule make sure to seal it tight in a mason jar and drink within 24 hrs of juicing. I personally drink my celery juice immediately after juicing on an empty stomach, over ice and out of a straw cause it tastes way better like that!!

Why I Made Drinking Celery Juice a Priority

Benefits of Celery Juice

HCL aka hydrochloric acid

Celery juice helps to rebuild the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. HCL helps properly break down the protein we eat. Reseach tells us when you have an autoimmune disease like Hashimotos or a chronic stress issue your HCL levels can drop super low in your gut. This creates symptoms like indigestion, acid reflux and can even create IBS. AND- if you are unable to properly digest your foods then you aren’t able to absorb the essential nutrients from food. It was really Anthony William aka the Medical Medium that introduced the world to cluster salt (mineral salts) that celery juice provides, He believes this salt helps with digestion and helps to restore your stomach’s HCL levels.

King of Detox

Cleanse the liver, anti- inflammatory, reduces cholesterol…Celery juice will DETOX  your body. Drinking celery juice will kill off unproductive bacteria in the gut, all while detoxing the liver. Hot Tip: some people who might be “super toxic” can totally experience diarrhea when starting celery juice. Personally, I haven’t had this problem but I do know people who have. Just remember it is smart to start drinking a smaller amount of juice like 2 to 8 oz of celery juice then work your way up to 16 oz. Check out the medical medium tips.

Diuretic + Bye Bye Bloat

The main benefit of it I love and experience is the diuretic effect and the flushing of bloat. From my own experience celery juice definitely reduces my belly bloat, if I skip a few days of juice I notice an increase in gas and bloat. I rarely miss a day, but things happen, so I have to just roll with it. It also helps reduce bloat because it is full of fiber, but more so when you eat it whole not juiced.

Reduces Cravings

Celery juice has been found to help reduced cravings. Often you’ll see cravings when our body is lacking certain minerals and vitamins. This happens due to a lack of variety in the diet or when we eat unhealthy foods all the time. Like I said celery juice helps repair your gut and rebuilding the HCL, once your gut is repaired more quality nutrients will be absorbed into your system and decrease those annoying food cravings.

If you don’t want to start with just celery juice or you don’t want to juice anything yourself, I believe that any green juice is better than no green juice.

I’ll leave you with my 3 Rules of Celery Juice: 1. When buying celery make it organic 2. Add ice and drink out of a straw. 3. And as the Medical Medium says drink it on an empty stomach and wait 20-30 minutes before you eat anything else.

Happy Juicing

x- Whitney, RN

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