10 Tiny Changes To Make In 2018 For Better Health

10 Tiny Changes To Make In 2018 For Better Health

Photos.pngIt’s time to jump onboard and make 2018 the year of HEALTH. As a nurse I’ve seen how the littlest changes can make a huge impact to someones overall health. 

Just make slight adjustments to your daily routine, so small it doesn’t feel like your changing much is KEY. Over time those little changes add up to help me maintain better health, weight and sanity! So I want to share 10 tiny changes that I made in 2017 and a couple I’m trying out in 2018 to better my OVERALL health!

Swap out the sweet sugary coffee drinks for plain black coffee. Curbing my sweet tooth was HARD…. if you haven’t checked out how I curbed my sweet tooth post– you should. Don’t get me wrong I still indulge but only occasionally. Cutting out sugary coffee is a great place to start reducing your daily sugar intake!

+ Do nice things for people. Don’t always make everything about yourself, as a nurse I wish people would look around and help one another out a little more. People don’t give solely for the joy of giving anymore. If you get something in return, awesome, if you don’t, great.

+ Take a hard look at what your grocery cart looks like, how much of your cart contains sweet and processed. Finding a good balance of veggies, meats, fruits and a few boxed items within your grocery cart is a great start to a healthier 2018. Check out the staple items in our grocery cart for 2018

+ Pop a multivitamin. Recently I did a huge blood panel to look at my overall health (best decision ever) and found out that I was very deficient in Vitamin D, CoQ10 and Omegas. Nurse Whitney is here to tell you– being vitamin deficient can create so many problems. Like increased anxiety levels, poor gut health and issues with skin. So do your research and find a good multivitamin to take daily!

+ Have a mantra…mantras are so powerful. They allow us to feel present and think, as well as connect with ourselves.

+ Don’t skip breakfast. I get it mornings are chaotic but feeding your body the proper fuel is so important. IT gives you major brain power, energy and helps maintain your metabolism. Here is my favorite protein powder I’ve been using for awhile now and freaking love it.

+ Change what time you eat dinner. Studies show that it’s beneficial for fat loss to consume breakfast 90 mins later than your normal and dinner 90 minutes earlier. Just a little food for thought!

+ Laugh more, laughing is one of the best feelings in the world. It also lowers blood pressure, decreases stress hormones and can work those abs!

+ Drink More Water. My whole life I heard these two phrases, Everything in moderation… AND there is such a thing as… too much of a good thing. So in 2018 I’m making that GOOD thing water! I’m drinking more water and drinking wine in moderation, okay I am going to try with the whole wine thing!

+ Find self acceptance. It’s not bad to want to improve our health but while improving remember to always give yourself grace and acceptance. Change takes time!

Well there you have it friend. As a nurse I am here to tell you little changes in our daily lives can make a big IMPACT on our health in 2018.

Leave me a comment and let me know the tiny changes you want to make in 2018 to better your overall health!

xo- Whitney

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