Be a Trendsetter… Like Nellie Ross

Be a Trendsetter… Like Nellie Ross


People who know me will tell you I am soo proud to be American, I am also proud to come from the great state of Wyoming ! Wyoming is a state that is often over looked but people should know Wyoming was a trendsetter for women’s rights. January 5, 1925 Nellie Ross was elected the first woman governor in the nation, talk about a trendsetter for women! She was known as “ever feminine, never a feminist” and a woman in politics who had not “lost her womanliness.”  Interesting Right!!! 

We can all agree 2017 was a POWERFUL year for females everywhere, and my hope in 2018 is that women can continue to be positive trendsetters. Encouraging women everywhere (not just in the USA) to be outspoken in what they want at work, home, in relationships, in our kids school even what we see on the pages of fashion magazines! As a women and a mom to a beautiful little girl, I know it is my job to instill this trendsetter attitude in her mind and heart.

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