Quick Weekend Guide to Cody, Wyoming

We took a mini vacation over the 4th to the beautiful land of Cody, Wyoming. If you are looking for a Wyoming adventure Cody should be on the list. Cody is located 50 miles east of Yellowstone National Park and is filled with wild west history. The sheer beauty right when you step off the plane– I promise Cody it will take your breath away. Plus– it’s the cutest and most patriotic town ever, especially over the 4th of July weekend. There is no better place to spend America’s Birthday, than in Cody, Wyoming.

Where To Stay

The historic yet chic Chamberlin Inn, is our top pick every time we are in Cody. Located, right off main street the Chamberlinn Inn is a family-owned and operated boutique hotel. After a long day out their beautiful brick and wrought iron enclosed courtyard is perfect to have a drink and listen to live music.

Where to Eat

The Local: A firm favorite in Cody with a seasonally driven and organic based menu. It’s a lively setting and a great spot to go for anyone with any type of diet restrictions.

What To Do

Gallery Hop: Main street is filled with many art galleries, so if you have had enough out door activities spend a day or night winding through them all. Start at the Big Horn gallery for the finest in Western and Wildlife art and Landscapes of the West.

Yellow Stone: Take a day trip up to Yellowstone National Park, it’s located 50 miles east of Cody.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West: For a true taste of the west visit the Center of the West, which is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. It weaves the varied threads of the western experience—history and myth, art and Native culture, firearms, and the nature and science of Yellowstone—into the rich panorama that is the American West. 

Pahaska Teepee Resort: A perfect day trip includes a day up to Pahaska Teepee resort, Buffalo Bill’s Original Lodge. Located just 2 miles from the Eastern gateway to Yellowstone, Pahaksa is nestled amongst the tall pines and the perfect spot to have breakfast and then experience a day of trailing ride.

Hike: Cody has a bounty of trails that are close to downtown but still a welcome escape into the outdoors. Check out: Bluebird Trail, Cedar Mountain, Prickly Pear Trail (Beck Lake Park), Outlaw Trail. There are so many trails to pick from, you literally could pend a couple hours each day of your stay hiking.

Rodeo: Cody is The Rodeo Capital of the World, thanks to Buffalo Bill’s entertaining twist on classic cowboy skills. And the 4th of July weekend brings in The Cody Stampede . This is where you an see cowboys from across North America to compete for big money, and ride the best rodeo stock in the country. It is our favorite activity while in Cody and always buy our tickets way in advance.

The 4th of July Parades: Cody celebrates Independence Day in a BIG way! There is a kiddie parade on July 2, and then Stampede Parades the 3rd and 4th. We always watch the kiddie and 4th of July parade and they never disappoint.


Quick Travel Thoughts: I know this isn’t new to some of you but it’s tough traveling with kids especially one that still takes 2 naps and just can’t sit still. I really realized on this trip that unfortunately as “mom” I might miss out on a few things. And when vacationing I need to let go of the “schedule”.  Make the best of each adventure and situation. This isn’t easy for me but what helped was really being prepared packing wise. When you think you have enough snacks pack some more and same goes for toys and distractions like “bubbles”.

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