Positively Perfect 5 Day Flat Belly Challenge


Your positively perfect Ab Challenge is here! I am so excited to bring you guys a 5 day Ab challenge to help you get on the path to stronger and more toned abs!

THE TRUTH HURTS: Things I’ve learned over the years…

1. Nutrition is Key… I hate saying it but it is true, there is no way around it! I’ve learned that if you are eating more calories than you burn throughout the day, you will store a layer of fat over those abs and other areas of your body. I’ll say it… yes it sucks! To get the abs you want you must stick to eating clean, lots of lean protein and green foods ( I won’t lie.. I love my occasional glass of wine. )

2. Hydration- I feel like we have all heard that our bodies are made up of 60-70% water. But when you research the importance of water in the body you will learn very quick that water plays a part in almost every function of our body. Water helps deliver nutrients to our muscles, lubricates the joints and helps our  body recover from tough workouts. As a nurse I’ve realized the role of water in the body and I am super passionate about it. So be on the lookout for a blog post all about HYDRATION!

3. HIIT Workouts- Truly, I give credit to HIIT workouts for my post baby weight loss. Doing high energy workouts helped torch the calories and toned me faster than jumping on the elliptical (my old norm) for 30-45 minutes. Head over to my Pinterest page for great Total body/HIIT workouts and jump start your metabolism!

** Remember these are just my personal recommendations (I’m not a MD). Focusing on these 3 things have changed my life in wonderful ways, so I highly encourage people to incorporate them into their lifestyle. along with this AB Challenge.

Let the Ab Challenge Begin…Click the links below to start the challenge with me!

DAY 1:


DAY 2:


DAY 3:


DAY 4:


DAY 5: You’ve made it to day 5! You should be so proud of yourself! So as a little gift for all your hard work I am giving you a 20 min Abs & Cardio HIIT Workout! YOU CAN DO!


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