Whitening Lighting Kit Review

I am so excited to be doing this review on Whitening Lighting. I bet if each and everyone of us looked at what toothpaste we are currently using the word “whitening” is mentioned on the label. Because people want whiter teeth, and I am one of those people! SO lets get into it!



I ordered the DIAL A SMILE PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING KIT. It included the syringe of whitening gel, 3 teeth wipes to polish and prep for the gel, Vitamin E swabs to protect your gums, and their LED light that activates the whitening gel. FYI: The directions say to use 1.5 ml of the 5ml syringe all over your teeth but that was a lot of gel for me. So I used a little less each time and was able to get 5 sessions out of one kit. I still got great results doing that modification. I used the entire kit over a week and a half time period and went from 8 to a 5 on their whitening dial. Overall my teeth got whiter, however I am a big coffee and wine drinker so since I have stopped using the kit I feel as though I am not as bright as when I first used the kit. They do sell a SUPER BOOSTER TEETH WHITENING PEN, which is suppose to help maintain your results post kit. I do plan on purchasing the booster pen to help maintain a whiter smile overall.

FINAL VERDICT:  100% YES I would order it again. Super easy to use, I could safely use it on my veneers, NO Pain because of their advanced and sensitivity free formula! I highly recommend trying it, right now the kit is is 40% off….. you just can’t beat that!  Try it out and let me know your thoughts on the product over on Instagram (PositivelyPosie).

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