5 Things To Help You Feel Bikini Ready

1. Protein World – The Vanilla Slender plan is a great and healthy way to start off your day.  I really like Protein World’s powder because it tastes so good, it does contain whey protein (just fyi). If you want some completely dairy free try the Tone It Up Protein Powder, it has a pretty good taste for being plant based and gluten free.

2. Booty Band– Who doesn’t want a Bootiful Booty. Once I had Miss B I realized that my back side needed some strengthening and toning. I spent ONE month really focusing on squats and using my booty band and let me tell you…. the difference was incredible and it was worth it! Check out my Pinterest page for some amazing booty workouts, you WON’T regret it!

3. Water Water Water- Your kidneys and liver can’t do their job in the body when your not properly hydrated. It is SO important to stay hydrated for your overall health and to help boost your metabolism. I’m kind of obsessed with watermelon water, if I’m gonna drink a lot of water I want it to taste delicious

4. Foam Rolling– Pain has never felt so good people. I try to foam roll everyday to help release and lengthen my muscles. If you find yourself going to bed or waking up sore, it’s time to invest in a foam roller.  Again, on my Pinterest page I have some great starter videos that will you through the foam rolling process.

5. Workout in clothes you L.O.V.E ❤ It’s a fact when you feel good and look good in your workout clothes it boost your overall workout performance ( society is crazy!!). But I kind of have to agree when I am comfortable in my workout clothes and shoes I definitely push harder than than usual.

Also, GUYS don’t miss my 5 favorite at home workout videos for your ARMS, CARDIO, ABS .

xo- Whitney

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